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Vampire Knight Icons

Vampire Knight LJ Community of Icons
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
W E L C O M E ~ Vampire Knight Icons ~

Welcome to Vampire Knight Icons, the community for posting icons based on Hino Matsuri's manga Vampire Knight and other works. This has been open for quite a long time now. The mod is me (yorleni ). Feel free to join and post but please read the rules below before posting any icons. Thanks!


  • You have to be a member to post.
  • The icon must adhere to lj size standards or you have to include in your post that it doesn't
    examples; an animated icon that is over 40k

  • If you post more than four icons use an lj cut
  • Yaoi/nudity/profanity is accepted provided it is put under the cut and you let users know what it is.
  • Do not include spoiler icons in your preview images, do notify users if you are including spoiler images.
  • Icon requests are allowed but only icon requests. No other graphic requests. This is an icon community

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